Let us bring the curriculum to life with unique and memorable learning experiences. We currently cater for all ages and levels and cover a range of subjects including History and Science.

Our current sessions:

Home Front and World War II (KS2)

Find out about the Home Front and what it was like to be evacuated to the farm during World War II through artefact handling and role play.

The Victorians (KS1 and KS2)

Come and meet Mrs Parry and find out about the Victorian school room, life as a child factory worker, wash day and home life through hands on, interactive sessions.

The Museum

Come and explore our new displays and learn all about the fascinating history of Greenfield Valley from agriculture to industry.

Mini Earthwalk (Materials and their Properties)

Within our self-contained Woodland Trail, pupils will use their senses. Collect and touch woodland objects, smell the different woodland flowers and listen to what lives in the woodland.

Pond Dipping (Life Processes and Living Things)

Investigate an underwater habitat and identify some of the plants and animals that live in this outdoor environment.

Mini Beasts (Variation and Classification)

Investigate a variety of habitats in the Greenfield Valley woodland trail and become nature explorers.

All activities listed are suitable for Foundation Phase, KS1 and KS2 unless stated otherwise and can be tailored to suit different needs.


£4 - per child - includes all day entry to the park and staff led activity
Adults are free

We ask for a ratio of 1:7 for Key Stage 1 and 1:10 for Key Stage 2. The adult helpers accompanying a trip should be prepared to encourage children’s’ learning and are admitted free of charge. Please discuss with us if you would like to bring extra adults.

How to book

Please call 01352 714172 or email [email protected] to book.

Please state number of children, year group, session(s) wanted, any access issues and potential dates.

You will be sent a confirmation pack with all information including bus information, pre visit information, worksheets and risk assessments.

Shop and goody bags

If children would like to visit the shop please let us know in advance. We recommend this is done whilst you are looking around on your own.

We also offer goodybags. Please inform when booking if you would like these.

Invoices and cancellation policy

Invoices will be sent after the visit based on numbers brought on the day.

If the booking is cancelled less than 3 weeks before the visit date (and not rebooked) an invoice will be sent for the full amount.


Basingwerk Abbey Teaching Resource KS2/3

Download our fantastic award-winning resource for free and use on self - guided visits. Packed with cross-curricular, skills based activities to explore the Abbey and its rich history.  Before you visit watch the film below and learn all about Pod the monk's day.